"We Make Great Places to Live"
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At WilliamMichaels "We Make Great Places to Live."  We buy homes which need a little tender loving care and upgrade them to make them great places to live.  Our designers select high quality kitchen cabinets, appliances, carpet, flooring, fixtures, and colors to turn our houses into homes.  Our homes are located in convenient neighborhoods to offer our customers a comfortable lifestyle at a great value.

We Love Our Customers

At WilliamMichaels our customers come first.  If there is ever a problem or question we encourage our customers to contact us directly.  We provide our customers with our direct cell phones so that we can offer 24 x 7 maintenance support through our experienced team of electricians, plumbers, heating and cooling specialists.  Our best ideas for improvements come from our customers.

Download Our Rental Application Now!!!

At WilliamMichaels we strive to make our home rental application process is easy.  Simply download our form and complete our 1-2-3 application process.  We have no application fees.

Step 1 - Download and print our application.  

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Step 2 - Complete and sign the application.
Step 3 - Fax the completed application to us and include your last two weeks of pay stubs.

Easy to Download Our Move Out CheckList!!!

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